Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Seid Trips - Sunny Day in Mid-March 30-mile Ride

It was a great day for a bike ride! The temperature was hitting the 70s, and there wasn't much wind. No leg warmers needed; nor fleecy base layer. It did feel a bit odd to be out in shorts, but it was certainly warm enough for it. Hopefully I've still got some tan left from last summer.
Ride through the Woods
I felt lighter today for some reason. My legs felt fresh; no trainer rides for several days. This time I was sure that I got my Garmin GPS device started properly. My neighbor called to me from his yard and wished me a good ride. There went my anonymity. Sometimes dressed in my cycling outfit with helmet and sunglasses I feel like the costumed superhero. A hidden identity, racing through the streets of the City of Roses incognito. I sometimes think about leaving through my driveway to the alley, like the Batmobile taking off on another adventure.
A favorite 30-mile circuit
I took video again on this trip. This time I would have the Garmin GPS data to overlay on the video. I am already having difficulty thinking of ways to make the video more interesting. I did take a different route than previously, but some of the roads are the same. One trick is to stop somewhere and set up the camera on the side of the road, ride back a ways, ride past the camera, turn around, get the camera, and continue on. It makes it look like you've got a camera crew along for the ride. My problem was that I didn't want to stop and mess around like that. Maybe on a ride that's not a training ride.
There were two Stava Segments for which I gave all out efforts. The first is the section going west from Abington called Abington Agony. I did get a personal record for this section. It is the entire section (3.6 miles) on Potter Shop Road from Abington to just before the turn for Willow Grove. I did get up the two hills pretty well, but I also gave some hard effort to the straight, flat stretches getting up to 35 mph at one point. I'm surprised to see that I'm in fifth place for that segment. I did that stretch 2:30 faster than my previous best time. I'm proud of that but disappointed that on the final Strava Segment I missed my personal record by about 20 seconds.

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