Sunday, July 3, 2011

Philippians 4:20-23

Read the Text

20May all reverence be accorded to God, our divine parent, to the final generation of human existence. Amen.
21Give my greetings to all in Philippi, who have committed themselves to Christ Jesus. My friends here pass along their greetings to you. 22All of the committed here give their greetings, but most of all those belonging to the imperial household.
23May the favor of the Sovereign, Jesus Christ, be present in your lives.

Think about the Text

“to the final generation of human existence” (forever and ever) – This expression, literally rendered “unto the ages of the ages,” refers specifically to the ultimate generation of human history, the end of the ages.

Meditate on the Text

If you were writing a letter to a community of faith about the main elements of a good life, how would you conclude? What would be your parting words?
Think of the many generations of human life that have preceded you? How many do you think will be after you? What is your wish for the future generations regarding their attitude toward God?
In what way is God’s favor present in your life and in your deepest experience?

Live the Text

In what ways are you honoring or showing reverence to God?
Practice saying to yourself as you make plans for the future, “God willing.” When someone asks about your health and you give a reply, think to yourself, “Praise God.”
Be aware each hour of the ways you receive God’s gracious favor in your life.